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10R/10RF/10RM and 10Q/10QM MEC

Large caps with reverse-print or metal symbol

10R/10RF/10RM and 10Q/10QM series are ø30mm and 22x22mm caps designed to be flush with the front panel to give an aesthetic look. Both series have reverse pad printed legends and metal symbols in their standard package.

Controlmec/1ZW cap MEC

illuminated panel sealed navigational solution

Controlmec is a five position integrated switch solution designed for outdoor, dusty and humid applications. The solution can have legend illumination.

1FS cap MEC

Round reverse-printed illuminated cap

1FS cap can be illuminated with a symbol that is reverse-printed on the lens.

Navimec/1ZCS+1ZB MEC

Illuminated navigational solution

Illuminated Navimec is a five position switch solution ideal for data entry devices where joystick function is needed. It has a select switch in the middle and four navigational switches around it. The solution is available as a module as well as single parts for own PCB mounting.

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