Multimec gets MIL spec approved 2016-02-24


Multimec 5 series has passed the requirements for the MIL-PRF-22885H standard. The standard requires the switch to withstand a gradual load of 25 pounds (115N) for 60 seconds.

In the test a force of min. 30 pounds was applied on a Multimec 5 series switch for about 1.5 min. A built in LED (as specified in the requirements of the standard; the green one on the picture) stayed on during the whole test showing no failures in the contact functionality.

Additional test was performed with double the force designated in the standard. The switch showed no failures in functionality.

See the Multimec 5 series.

See the Technical Specifications for Multimec 5 series.

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Custom Caps 2014-02-14


 MEC welcomes custom requests. You can request an adjustment of dimensions, height, colour, material and/or legend or a totally new cap concept.

We are continuously extending our accessory range with various custom caps, you can see a selection of the latest projects in the table below.

Contact your local distributor or MEC for further information.

See the latest custom additions here.

NVIS LED 2014-01-28


 MEC now offers NVIS LEDs for Multimec 5G series switches.

The LED has a filter over it that manipulates the illumination wavelength making it NVIS compatible, which means the illumination is not disturbing one's sight when viewing with night vision goggles. The display conformance for chromaticity and NVIS radiance is per MIL-STD-3009. Other NVIS illumination colours besides green, like white, yellow and red, are also available.

Standard caps and accessories for 5G switches with a total height of at least 11.5mm can be used with the NVIS LED. 

Technical specifications:

 Total height with LED


 NVIS radiance

 (NR)b <1.7e-10 @0.1 fl

 Spread angle

 120 degrees

 Luminous intensity

 appr. 30 mcd

 Operating temperature


 Soldering temperature

 260°C max 30 sec

 Storage temperature



 120 mW

 Current forward

 30 mA

 Forward peak current

 100 mA

 Voltage reverse


 Voltage forward (typ.)


 Voltage forward (max.)


Contact your local sales channel or MEC office for further info.

NEW function normally closed/normally open 2013-02-07


MEC has launched a new function option for the Multimec 5 series switches: normally closed/normally open.

Not activated


Normally closed/normally open (NC/NO) function means that the switch has an active circuit when not activated and when one pushes the switch, the initial contact breaks and a new contact is made. The function is also known as SPDT – single pole double throw.

Having an active circuit when not activated adds the benefit of safety and security. The switch gives feedback to the system that is still operational and able to function when necessary. There is also the benefit of being multifunctional; the switch has three functions:

  1.  NC (make)
  2.  NO (brake)
  3.  NC/NO (switch over; multifunction).

NC/NO 5 series switch has:

  • Life cycles >1.000.000
  • Three standard actuation forces: 2.0N, 3.5N and 6.5N.
  • Sealing IP67
  • Robustness  100N.
  • Low contact resistance <30mΩ
  • Recommended load 0,5-50mA, 24VDC

Multimec 5 series switches are high performance tactile switches with a wide range of cap and accessory options, including many options in shape, size, height, colour, and illumination.

5G + 2SS Extenders 2012-09-26


Please see datasheet for details. 


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