Markets and Applications

Markets and Applications

MEC switches are used in many applications. To name some of them:
  • Industrial instrumentation
  • Transportation
  • Medical, Rehabiliation
  • Domestic and white goods
  • Agriculture
  • Forrest equipment
  • Broadcast, video, television
  • Catering and Food equipment
  • Communication (telecom, radiocom)
  • Test and measurement instrumentation
  • Lifts
  • Energy and power supply
  • Security equipment
  • Audio and professional studio equipment
  • Military
  • Consumer electronics
  • Ticket, vending and gambling
  • Marine
  • Barcode readers
  • Computer and office equipment
Some application examples:
Audio: 3F+1K                                                              Control system: 3A+1M

Industrial control: 3A/3F+navimec+1ZC           Medical: 3A/3F+navimec

Sauna control panel: 3C under foil                  Test&measurement: unimec

Security: 3F+1V+1T + navimec

Transportation: controlmec

In addition, see the application pages in the product catalog # 6.

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