RoHS Compatibility

Our RoHS compatible products comply with EC directive 2002/95/EC with regards to the content of hazardous substances.


It is possible to use the RoHS compatible products in both traditional non-RoHS processes and in RoHS processes.


For MEC the conversion to RoHS compatibility was straight forward as we were already using high temperature plastics for our basic switches; we have a good experience in making high reliable switches of high grade engineering plastics. All the material used for our RoHS compatible products are guaranteed RoHS compatible by our suppliers. We have also selected a typical final RoHS compatible product for verification of its content of hazardous substances and the switch passed the test.


The mec ROHS compatible products have been divided into two groups RA and RB, depending on the ability to withstand the increased solder temperatures in a RoHS compatible soldering process.


For Basic switches and LED´s the part numbers for RoHS compatible products have been changed toinclude a RA or RB prefix in the beginning of the part number:


The RA products are RoHS and process compatible.


The RB products, are RoHS compatible but may not be process compatible with all soldering processes.


For accessories that are intended to be mounted after soldering none of the part numbers have been changed as these parts do not need to be process compatible as they are not passing a solder process. However all these accessories are RoHS compatible and lead free.


The tables below multimec/illumec switches and unimec show details on RoHS compatibility and process compatibility.


The RA and RB system has been established to ensure a safe transition and that inventories are not mixed. All products manufactured after 1 July 2006 are RoHS compatible.


Please note that the RA and RB prefix have not been added in any of our technical literature, catalogues nor datasheets, but when it comes to orders you will immediately see the RA or RB prefix.

APEM, Inc.